Sustainable Timber

The new century has brought with it a new awareness of our impact on the environment, and each one of us knows that we have to do our bit. The timber industry is no exception and Australian Choice Timber offer a range of environmentally friendly timbers.

Sustainable timber is harvested in such a way that each tree removed is replaced by another tree, either naturally grown or planted. But sustainability is more than just replacing trees as they are used: it is also ensuring that there is no ecological damage to other species and the forest maintains its biodiversity, its climate and water cycles. This type of forestry is called ‘sustainable forestry’.

A sustainable forest is a system where the forest is managed in such a way that the amount of wood taken from a forest is in balance with the forest’s natural production and does not contribute to the degradation of the soil, water cycles or future seed sources. Sustainable forestry attempts to ensure that human needs are met without damage to the forest. Australia has one of the best forestry management systems in the world, and Australian Choice Timber prefers to and is proud to supply Australian timbers.

Sustainable timber comes from a certified sustainable forest, of which there are many in Australia. According to Vicforest, 90% of Victorian forests are not utilized for timber production. Of the 10%, approximately 0.2% of that is set aside for harvesting each year.